Find out more about CERES as a company and employer.

CERES is an inspection and certification body. We offer services in the field of organic food, organic & sustainable textile production, good agricultural practices and sustainability standards in the food sector as well as sustainability parameters for all kind of manufacturers, industries or service providers ("ClaimCheck by CERES“).

We make sure that our clients comply with the respective standards requirements and hence help to protect the environment.  

CERES pursues the following quality objectives: 

1. Transparency – We are transparent about our criteria, policies and interpretation of the standards. Our policies are available to the public and our customers do not need to worry about suddenly being confronted with new, unexpected requirements. 

2. Efficiency – We are doing everything we can to complete the certification process as quickly as possible. Answering questions from clients is given high priority. 

3. Partnership – We provide you with tools for self-evaluation and invite you to define the necessary corrective measures yourself. We believe in the self-responsibility of certified customers.  

How we try to achieve these goals: 

  • The CERES management, consisting of Ulrich Findel and Dr. Bernhard Schulz, has more than 25 years of experience in international certification. 
  • We work with well trained and independent local staff who receives regular training. 
  • We are continuously improving our quality management. 
  • We try hard to reduce bureaucratic procedures to the necessary minimum. 
  • All customers are treated equally and impartially. 
  • We are open to new ideas and suggestions for improvements. 
  • We have clear procedures to avoid conflicts of interest and corruption.
You can find more about this in our business policy.

No vacancies at present.

We look forward to receiving your application. If there is no vacancy advertised at the moment, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

For matters relating to vacancies, please contact Mrs. Karin Haas.

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Mrs. Karin Haas
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