The ecologically sustainable procurement and manufacture of the biomasses used for the production of vegetable carbon is guaranteed, emission limits are complied with and environmentally sound storage is ensured. The quality of the vegetable carbon is comprehensively controlled and documented. All limit values are complied with for the various application classes (feed, agriculture, materials) in accordance with the respective applicable regulations for feed and soil and user protection. Certified plant carbon is suitable for building carbon sinks and is considered a promising climate technology. The certified plant carbon is suitable, among other things, as a soil conditioner, animal feed additive (plant carbon with EBC feed certificate), stable bedding or as an additive for fermentation substrates as well as for wastewater treatment and as an additive for construction and plastics, paper, textiles and electricity storage.

Customer benefits

Vegetable carbon produced according to the guidelines of the European Vegetable Carbon Certificate fulfils all requirements for sustainable production with a positive climate and environmental balance. The European Vegetable Carbon Certificate proves the conformity of your vegetable carbon with the applicable requirements for environmental protection, user protection, soil protection and animal welfare (EBC feed). The safe, ecologically sustainable use of vegetable carbon in agriculture can be guaranteed by the certificate. Certified plant carbon can be used to create carbon sinks for climate protection.

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Program manager European Biochar (EBC) and World Biochar (WBC)
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Guidelines for a sustainable production of biochar and its certification



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