Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse is the largest organic organization in Switzerland and its “Bud” label is the most well-known organic label in the country. Bio Suisse certified farmers and processors work on the basis of organic standards which go beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation. Bio Suisse certification is a prerequisite to selling through the Coop Naturaplan retail chain.

Benefit to customer

A farm which has been awarded the Bud label benefits from the consumers’ trust in what must surely be the most well-known label for organic products in Switzerland.

Bio Suisse supports your product sales through active marketing. The Bio Suisse label is very well known today and there is a great demand for these products.


The Bio Suisse guidelines for the production, processing and trade in Bud products, Bio Suisse instructions with respect to the directives for licensees and on-farm processors.



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