Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS)

Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS)

Textile Exchange's Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) sets new standards for sustainability in the textile industry. This internationally recognized standard ensures that wool comes from animals that are kept in good conditions and that the environment is respected.
By adhering to strict criteria for animal welfare, land management and transparency, the RAS offers a clear and reliable guarantee that the products carrying this standard have been manufactured to the highest standards.

Why choose the RAS?

Animal welfare: The RAS ensures that the animals from which the wool comes are kept in an environment that meets their natural needs. This means less stress for the animals and a better quality of life.

Environmental protection: The RAS promotes sustainable practices in the areas of land management, water and energy consumption and the use of chemicals. This ensures that the environmental impact of wool production is minimized.

Transparency: The RAS guarantees that the origin of the wool can be traced back to the place of origin. Certification provides brands and consumers with a clear and reliable guarantee that products have been manufactured to the highest standards.


CERES carries out RAS audits worldwide. It is important to note that no farms are currently being certified. Instead, our offer is aimed at the further steps in the supply chain.

Further details can be found on the website of the non-profit organization Textile Exchange.


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